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This is the smaller of KitchenAid's two popular home mixers with planetary action. And we're not convinced you need it, because the Classic really does much the same job. Our only concern is the mixer's power — W doesn't sound like enough. Even if you get the Artisan that's W. When other models provide dramatically more power for similar money, or much less in the case of Swan below, it does seem like KitchenAid is being a little stingy.

In practice, both mixers are plenty powerful enough for home baking, but tough jobs such as kneading dough are a struggle for the motor — so if you plan to use your stand mixer for your daily bread, then go for something more powerful. Our other, smaller quibble is that it doesn't come with a splash guard, so you'll have to pay extra for one. This really should come as standard on a mixer at this price. Key specs: W; 4. Surprisingly affordable for a Kenwood Chef — a classic design that has stood the test of time.

280W Pulse Hand Mixer by Kenwood

Many of us will have fond memories licking cake mix off a K-beater as children, and these all-singing all-dancing updated models are set to become just as iconic. If you're looking for serious power alongside build quality which is designed to shrug off years of abuse, then the Classic Chef ticks all the boxes. As well as the legendary K-beater, it comes with a balloon whisk for eggs and a dough hook for breadmaking.

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A see-through splash guard on top improves on the original's design. Thanks to planetary action, the beater picks up food from the bowl beautifully; nothing goes unstirred. But if you're a keen baker, it's well worth reading the instructions and learning how to set up the accessories precisely it's quick, you just adjust a lock nut. This gets the beater, whisk or hook perfectly positioned to be very nearly touching the bowl.

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Where some stand mixers have multiple speed settings, the KM is variable — just turn the dial to wherever feels right. It also has a pulse setting for quick bursts. Optional accessories include food processor, blender and ice cream maker, all of which attach to the top. Heston Blumenthal lends his name to this Aussie brand, and with good reason. Sage's appliances are always innovative and designed with foodies in mind: premium design and unusual features combine to give them that crucial edge over rival premium appliances.

All three attachments are dishwasher-safe. Most notable is the scraper beater with flexible edges that wipe the side of the bowl — think of it as a windscreen wiper for your cake mix. This, along with planetary action, means it keeps everything in the mix. Results are super-smooth, and mixing is much faster because you never have to scrape ingredients down. Its other main innovations are a borosilicate glass bowl with a handle, so you can keep an eye on mixing progress, motor overload protection, and load-sensing technology that detects when heavy batters are being mixed and automatically adjusts the power to maintain the selected speed.

It comes with a spatula and cord storage too. A classic yet contemporary design. The styling has fifties curves, but it wouldn't look out of place in a modern kitchen.

In fact, thanks to its range of bright colours and the see-through mixing bowl, the K-Mix makes for a stylish centrepiece in even the most luxurious of kitchen environments. Its large five-litre capacity means you can whip up a dozen eggs at a time or make a hell of a lot of cake batter — almost 3kg of it, enough for two or three cakes. The kMix has eight-speed settings and an electronic sensor keeps them consistent, regardless of load. This mixer will literally see you through thick and thin.

With stand mixers, it's often hard to keep an eye on the mix but the Kenwood's see-through mixing bowl and splash guard make it a breeze. Its other star turn is the fold setting — a very gentle speed that combines ingredients without making them fly everywhere. It works brilliantly with the creaming beater, a soft attachment designed to get all the batter off the sides.

Key specs: W; 5 litres; 8 speeds; 4 non-stick attachments K-beater, whisk, dough hook, creaming beater ; 1yr warranty. Buy now from John Lewis. An added extra is the potential to turn it into a multifunctional mixer using the outlet at the front, so with additional accessories, it can also be your pasta roller, food grinder, slicer or even a ravioli maker.

On the baking front, its roomy bowl will hold up to 12 eggs whites for mountains of meringue, 2. It's available in a whole rainbow of colours to suit every kitchen - though we like it best in red and almond cream. Kenwood, Bosch, Sage all have models that are also good all-rounders.

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Buy now. K enwood is one of KitchenAid's most formidable competitors - but the Kenwood kMix stand mixer is significantly cheaper than the lustworthy KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. According to The Good Housekeeping Institute : "It kneaded bread dough and mixed cake batter and pastry with ease. It also coped really well with whisking the maximum quantity of 12 egg whites.

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This mixer feels sturdy and the attachments are easy to fit, we like that they all fit in the bowl when not in use. I t's entirely dishwasher safe, including all attachments. While the glass bowl is heavy, it has a sizeable handle and is easy to pour from and see through it's made of glass. T his gargantuan stand mixer has a hefty capacity of 5.

Use it to whip up everything from batters to smoothies.

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It's also able to detect when heavier batters are being mixed, and automatically adjusts the power to maintain the selected speed. T his Smeg cream stand mixer offers plenty of style, but does it have substance? It comes with three attachments and has 10 different speed settings, slow for mixing heavier mixes and fast for whisking. T he white Breville digital twin motor hand and stand food mixer is watt and comes with a detachable hand mixer feature. It has 12 speeds and accessories including a beater, whisk, dough tool, blender and shredder. According to The Good Housekeeping Institute, it's a versatile machine can be used as a hand mixer as well as a stand mixer: "It performs well at combining heavy mixtures and cake batters.