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OK just email itunes at appleitunessupport live. In the email put what the card number was!!! Just make on up for example!! It doesn't work anymore.. Someone can help me..?? Or share the iTunes ID? Hi can you please help me I tried but it says that "password must be at least 8 characters" I tried times but it still saying the same and don't continue. Use a new Coupon code from here, and follow the same instructions. When making a new account, the "none option is not available anymore next to the credit cards!

I don't know why Apple has changed this! How can I make an account now?! Can someone pls give me or send a free iTunes account username or password to my email I really appreciated it if u do cause I rlly need one and I am typing this using my iPod touch send to sulaimanmd06 yahoo. Help please I've entered the gift card number, done all the recommended steps, it recognises the gift card, but once I'm finished and entered a real US address, it says contact apple support to complete transaction.

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What should I do? I was used to download a free application, then wait for a few minutes and finally use the application Hey guys I tried clicking the link and it didn't work. Is there a reason cause i live in a different country? Please help Mitch. Sorry but mine doesn't ever work can someone make me one and tell me by sending it to me by this email plz pretty plz i need one Thankx this the email. I'd tryed to make a new iTunes account by "none payment type" way.. I donno what should I do.. To get that redeem's code and put in, pleas help me guys If u are looking to get free giftcards bamboowallet is a must have.

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Dont forget to use my invite code: KK for more tips. D thank you xD!! Skip to main content. Apple Store. Access iTunes Store. Thanx again. Thanks so much. Is this safe! It says i need a 3-digit security code.

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Your security code is the last 3 numbers on the back of the credit card you are registering. Can I download movies with this? This promotion is closed A new website Do any of you know another website who gives out redeem codes?

Can i purchased the iphone using that code.. I have tried and it works.

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Just follow the instructions given by Anonymous The payment method portion doesnt have a "none" box What version of iTunes? What version of iTunes do you use, where you have "none" box? Hey Does this let u get paid stuff for free? Thanks Dude!! Works fine - Nice bypass dude The Redeem Code doesn't work.

Do you know another code? I selected US and i dont see any none option here. US is selected.

Apple iTunes Coupons & Promo Codes

Is there another site like tunecore. It does work!

Hi guys, i read and tried all the messages out up here. Is this safe!! Could iTunes catch u?? How can you use it more than once? It says it's already been used. Help me, please. Can somebody please send me some iTunes codes please at oscarbenardjr yahoo. It does work just fucken follow the step dumb ass. OK Permalink Submitted by Devin Thanks for sharing :. No "none" option! How to get probabilidad para ganar loteria free Xbox redeem codes in Apple now has a special section called mega t green tea reviews "Free on iTunes" where you can find TV shows and music freebies if you've already blown throughstrength to strength and today the iTunes US catalog itunes coupon codes has an extensive list of over 85, No expiration, Unlimited uses!

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