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When buying a refurbished iPhone, we always recommend using a reputable retailer. Luckily, most of the best-known UK providers now sell refurbished phones on monthly contracts. Check out our pick of the best refurbished contract phones. If you want to buy a refurbished phone outright, mobile specialists such as Carphone Warehouse and Direct Mobiles stock a huge range of refurbished iPhones. Alternatively, popular sites such as Amazon and eBay will also have a wide variety to choose from. You can even buy a refurbished iPhone direct from Apple. If you have any problems with the software, you can take it into an Apple Store and an Apple Genius will take a look at it for you.

And I have to say, we were very impressed. It came in official iPhone-branded packaging with an Apple charger included in the box.

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So far, so good. Even more impressive, the device itself looked every inch the shiny new smartphone, without a single scratch or blemish to indicate that the device was refurbished. As the reviews on the site attested, it really would be difficult to spot the difference between the refurb and a new handset. We ordered a refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 from Direct Mobiles.

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Any nicks and scratches, though? Well, under forensic inspection we noticed the tiniest blemish at the top right on the rear of the iPhone 7. But we had to look very hard to see it.

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Conversely, the iPhone 6s looked perfect. Once again, we spent a week with them for testing purposes. In the interests of research, we bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and brand new edition of the same phone from mobilephonesdirect. So what was the difference?

Unboxing: O2 Refurbished iPhone 6- 64 GB - iPhone 6 Gold

What were we missing out on buying a nearly-new phone? Essentially, nothing at all. On the left is the refurbished model. Housed in an identical Samsung-branded box, the refurbished phone arrived free of blemishes, nicks or scratches to the screen or body. In the box for the refurbished S7 Edge, there was an official Samsung charger, Samsung headphones, instructions and a pin for opening the SIM tray.

These were all identical to those supplied with the new handset. We used the phones for a week and in that time found the refurbished phone to be just as speedy and smooth as the new one. From the camera to the responsiveness of the screen, everything was in full working order. And we found no difference in battery life either. A bit of research reveals that the previously-owned phones the retailer classes as refurbished have been used for a maximum of 14 days, before being returned by a customer who changed their mind.

It's also well worth nothing that the retailer's refurbished phones come with a month warranty. Unless you opt for an iPhone that is, in which case your warranty is six months. We found a deal from mobilesphonesdirect. Compare mobilephonesdirect. With some brands and retailers you can make significant savings, especially if you don't mind whether you've got the latest handset.

It's not guaranteed whether you'll receive other accessories that were originally bundled with the phone, such as headphones. Refurbished phones tend to come in plain boxes or network-branded packaging.

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But if you manage to save money on the deal, that might not bother you. Lots of networks and specialist phone retailers sell refurbished phones, including O2, Vodafone and Mobilephonesdirect. You can also pick up a refurbished phone from auction sites, high-street retailers and specialist re-sale-and-recycle sites such as Envirophone.

You can take a look at our refurbished phone deals on our comparison page.

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That depends. So you may as well buy brand new. Discontinued models, such as the iPhone 5s, can he had very cheaply on refurbished phone contracts. And same goes for Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse subsidiary Mobiles. So you've got peace of mind in every way. All refurbished phones are given a grade that reflects their condition.

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Grade A. This is as nearly new as nearly new gets. At best, it'll be a phone returned within the day cooling-off period, so is to all intents and purposes still a brand new phone. At worst, it'll show negligible signs of wear.

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Grade C. Grade D. A grade D refurbished phone will be broken in some way, will look second-hand and will have been well used. Most networks will only sell grades A-C. We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products. Carry on browsing without changing your settings if you agree to our use of cookies.

See our cookie policy and find out how to manage cookies. The cookies we use include analytics and advertising cookies. You have been successfully logged out. Make your money go further and get peace of mind. All Like New phones have passed our five point check and come with a 12 month warranty. There are plenty to choose from too. Looking for a refurbished iPhone?

You can choose from a wide range of tariffs, and add any accessories you need to get started. Apple iPhone X Like New. Monthly rolling Airtime Plan. Apple iPhone 6 Like New. Samsung Galaxy S8 Like New. Apple iPhone Xs Like New. Apple iPhone 7 Like New. Huawei P Smart Like New. The only difference is that they may have some wear and tear and superficial scratches, but there will be no more than five deep scratches or chips up to 2mm in length.

O2 is working to try and reduce waste.