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You can set a restricted amount that the same coupon can be used over and over with all your customers. Once they enter the coupon in the field and click on apply, this message appears and the final total reflects the discount. Although there are not specific blocks for coupons, I would suggest that you use the Hand-pick Products block that would allow you to choose specific products that have coupons available.


This would be great way to send a customer to a landing page with a special coupon for a group of products where they could use their personal coupons code. Whether they are physical products or even your services. Here is a simple way to use one of the WooCommerce blocks to display those coupon-related products. Create it with an existing category.

When creating your coupon you would simply add that category. You simply create your post, for example I might be writing about the three microphones I have for sale. Then I would use the WooCommerce block for categories to add the products. Since there are three products, I have set my column for 3. Adding the text in the post before this, I now have a post with the three products at the end with an option to purchase them using the coupon code.

WooCommerce has several extensions that can fill just about any need that goes beyond the choices WooCommerce allows.

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Here is a list of posts and a link that we have on our site that will allow to you extend the WooCommerce coupon feature. After making a purchase, you may want to redirect the customer to a landing page with a special thank you. This could be a coupon for a specific product, or just on the next purchase. WooCommerce advanced coupons gives you dynamic control of your coupons. It will let you easily set up a buy one, get one, and long-term coupons that will work using for your specific needs using conditional logic.

Using coupons to give someone a deal on a discount when purchasing, or even a get one for the price of two, is a great way to increase your conversions. This post shows you how this plugin does that plus a lot more. Sometimes you end up using a coupon for a store credit you need to give, but the Store Credit extension makes it easier and is more specific to that need.

Here is a post showing you more of what you can do with it.

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With the WooCommerce Conditional Content extension you can add a custom message to the top of any WooCommerce page or products. We show you how it works here. Learn how you can restrict coupons in WooCommerce for new customers, existing customers and based on their location in our post here on the. You can reward your customers by using the Free Gift Coupons.

It lets you easily create a code that will give your customers access to a free gift. Check out our post here. Save your customers time by being able to create and sent them a URL that once clicked will automatically add it to their cart with a discount applied. Reviews are so important to the success of your online store.

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And when people take the time to review your product, why not reward them with a discount by using this extension. You can use it as an incentive to push people to leave reviews. But to send them a surprise credit after leaving a review? Learn more about it here on our site. Hi, i need to set two combined coupons for a little group of products. Haw can i do this?

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Is there a plugin? Thanks in advance. Not sure if either of these would do that, as I am not exactly clear on how they need to work. But there is the Smart Coupons extension and also the Group Coupons. Hi, I currently have smart coupons installed with woocommerce.

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When I create a variable product for gift cards, and try to link the coupon i created to that product. I can not type anything or select anything in the coupons box when i try select what coupon I want to link to my product. Any idea why I cant link anything to my product? I believe you cannot set a coupon for a variation in WooCommerce. Is that correct? The reason i;m asking is I wanted to make a special coupon code just for me and my partner to use.

Thank you. Actually that should not be a concern as no one will actually land on that coupon page. That is just the default functionality of WordPress that is used for pages, posts, and post formats. Eg, want to make a page private, use that. If you were to make it private, I think that would mess things up on the usage of it if you did share it with anyone. I know you would have to be logged in.

Thank you so much. I was hoping that would be the response. I could find precious little on this subject doing a search. Always enjoy your work!

Hi Bob. I can select categories but the products box is blank. That is odd, if you have published products. All I can guess is that there is some plugin conflict, although that seems like a strange one. I would check to see if everything is updated, and also if you added or updated any plugin recently, that could very well be the culprit. I was wondering if there is a way to set up coupons to only apply to product price but not shipping? I have a site with touristic offers. I have a question.

And if he pays over two weeks close to the departure date , he pays the full price. How can be implemented through coupons? In woocommerce the variable price is only possible for a single period dates. But in my case, I want 3 different payment periods. So, these coupons can be applied based on period dates? Thank you! Each coupon in the shop is included in the array, and some key data about each post is present in its own array. You probably want to use it for something. In my case, I want to display a list of coupon codes for all published WooCommerce coupons.

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The raw data for that array looks like this:. If you need to do more with the coupon, such as access more data about it like expiration date , you can instantiate a new coupon object based on the title:. This gives you more freedom in how you can use the coupon data, and you could do things like check for the coupon type, check if the coupon enables free shipping which you could then use to only filter orders by whether they contain a free shipping coupon or not , only include valid not expired coupons, or more.

Download Filter Orders by Coupon. Awesome post. I kept finding this thread when looking for SQL queries to locate coupons. To help get other started, you can use the following in phpMyAdmin:. Hi Miss. Please help me. Hmm, looks like this article is quite old!

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